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Hyperbole Books, "Buy the Hype"

An imprint of San Diego State University Press

Our latest volume!

Coming, VALENTINE'S DAY, 2016

Other Hyperbole Books titles...

Representations of Fashion
The Metropolis and Mediological Reflection
Between the 19nth and 20th Century

by Antonio Rafele

Our catalogue of exotic theory also

includes the following distinct titles:



Learning for Revolution
The Work of Kathy Acker


The Hurt Business
Oliver Mayer's Early Works +

edited by William A. Nericcio

and more...

Hyperbole Books, Our Backstory

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Christened in 2004 as an imprint of San Diego State University Press, Hyperbole Books is dedicated to publishing cutting-edge, over-the-top experiments in critical theory, literary criticism and graphic narrative. Imagine some odd, bastard child of SEMIOTEXT[e], Taschen, and Fantagraphics Books raised in the dumpster behind Powells, and you'll begin to feel the vibe that defines Hyperbole Books.  Remember, "Buy the Hype."

HYPERBOLE Books maintains the "scholarly" editorial quality associated with major U.S. University Presses, while advocating as well, a brasher, harsher, more strident editorial policy: think of a rant with footnotes; a harangue with a bibliography; a scream with an index. Hyperbole Books volumes will be available in print in special trade paperback editions.  


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An imprint of San Diego State University Press
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